Your partner for agile adoption in IT, HR and Management

agile IT

"Agile" is largely adopted in the IT now. The late majority is entering the market and is facing big problems embracing the new agile values.

With 20 years of experience in agile approaches - then called "lightweight" - and with a bias in insurance, we have an unique experience in transitioning very conservative IT departmens to agile processes.


agile HR

The companies need in skilled personnel has newer been at the current level before.

How can we attract the most productive persons with the communications skills that knowledge working needs? How do we help advance our best people to do an excellent job managing other knowledge workers?

We share our long experience in middle managment and help you address the challenge of building a solid middle management in your company.


agile Managment

The managment style towards skilled knowledge workers is totally different from the classic, directive style.

Management 3.0 - a book, a course and an approach is addressing the challenges of the new managment in depth.

As licenced facilitators of Management 3.0, we provide training and assist in implementing the new techniques and tools.

Please contact us for addidional information how we can help you to manage an agile company.